Thursday, September 8, 2011

Casting Call Part Two

Thanks to everyone who participated in Part One of the Eternal Knight Casting Call. In part one we looked for actors and actresses to play the parts of Hadde, Arno, and Waltas.

For Waltas I especially liked the suggestions of Cilian Murphy and Alan Rickman. Both would be superb choices. Waltas is a scheming bastard, but he also has to be believable as a knight and a Saladoran nobleman. I suppose we'll leave it to the director whether or not he or she wants an older or younger version of Waltas.

My favorite Arno suggestions were Ken Watanabe and John Rhys-Davies. Although they are not specifically described as being Asian in appearance, the Landomeri are described as black haired and "exotic" (in Waltas' words). Maret also comments on how Hadde looks different than the Saladorans. I think it would be great if the director chose to use Asian actors and actresses for the Landomeri, in which case Ken Watanabe would be perfect for Hadde's father. John Rhys-Davies could definitely pull off Arno's gruff humor. A personal top pick for me would be Nathan Fillion. He was great in Firefly and Serenity and would make a fantastic Arno.

Now, the most important role of them all... Hadde. I loved all of the Hadde suggestions: Thandie Newton, Grace Park, Hailee Steinfeld (she'll be old enough to play the role in a few years), Natalie Portman, and Jennifer Lawrence (although she'll need to have black hair). My favorites from this list would probably be Grace Park and Natalie Portman. I loved Grace Park in Battlestar Galactica and I certainly think she could pull off a great Hadde. Natalie Portman would be a superstar draw for the film. I've added Your Highness to my Netflix queue and I'll soon see how she does in a fantasy role (as an archer to boot). I am not as familiar with the other actresses, but now that I have read up on them I want to see some of their movies. (I just put True Grit [Hailee Steinfeld] on my Netflix queue as well.)

Years ago, as I was just getting into writing Eternal Knight, I imagined Angelina Jolie as Hadde. I later also considered Natalie Portman. My two recent top choices for the role have been Maggie Q and Summer Glau. Although less famous than Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman, I can see Hadde in my head when I look at both Maggie Q and Summer Glau. Maggie Q came to my attention when I saw her in Live Free or Die Hard. Summer Glau is best known for the TV series Firefly and the movie Serenity. The Hadde role requires an actress who can handle a tough, physical role and who can display a fiery spirit. Based on what I have seen in their prior roles, both of these women would be great for the lead role.

Now on to the next batch of characters:

Morin (Age 25) The tall, handsome Prince of Salador. He is the second only to Champion Nidon as a swordsman, and second only to his brother Boradin as an elementar. A bold leader of men and smooth charmer with the ladies.

Enna (Age 42) Hadde's mother. Religious, practical, and tough. She loves Hadde more than anything in the world. Lame in one leg due to an old wound, she is fiercely protective of Long Meadow and not one for foreign adventures.

Astor (Age 27) Prince Morin's best friend and brother-in-arms. Many think he looks more like Morin's brother than Morin's real brother does. He worships (and envies) Morin. He is Morin-lite, and knows  he will never be Morin's equal.

Put your suggestions in the comments section. I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Morin - Jude Law

    Enna - Michelle Yeoh. She's my obvious choice since I went with Grace Park and Ken Watanabe for Hadde and Arno.

    Astor - Rufus Sewell

    Jude and Rufus are both a little too old for their rolls, but that's why Hollywood has make-up artists right.

  2. I vote for a Firefly cast. I mean one season? Really SciFi? SyFy, excuse me. Though I think Grace Park would make for a good Hadde as well. Who could go wrong with BSG?