Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Child of the Knight - Back Cover Teaser

Last post I showed you the new Child of the Knight front cover... here's the back cover teaser text.

It is supposed to get you to want to read the book. I hope it works!

Akinos is dead, and the Wasting ended. For a year and a half all is well in the world.

Then terror arrives in Landomere. Mercenary raiders capture the infant children Orlos and Enna. Orlos, the son of Maret, is the only living spiridus. Without him the Great Spirit of Landomere will perish. Enna, the daughter of Hadde and Morin, is a rival to the throne of the Kingdom of Salador. It is a claim Queen Ilana would like to see ended. 

Maret, captured with the children, struggles to keep them safe during the dangerous journey to Salador. Hadde will risk everything to save them.   

To the north, a weary Champion Nidon returns from war to find a paranoid Queen Ilana plotting against threats real and imagined. To her eyes, Nidon is the greatest threat of all. 

Far to the east, beyond the Dragon’s Gate, Cragor wields the Orb of Creation. And with every passing day, his mastery of the Orb grows and the date of the next great invasion draws closer.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Child of the Knight Cover Reveal

Here it is...

A big thanks to Ken Hendrix for another great cover. I love it!

Child of the Knight will be released on June 5th. I'll start shouting when it is available for pre-order.

Getting sooooo close!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Finished! (Final Edits)

That's a wrap! Finished my final edits on Child of the Knight during lunch today.

A HUGE thank you to Mike Shultz, Ann Emery and Jax Reeder. Mike served (once again) as my critique partner, while Ann and Jax pulled editorial duties. This process would have been impossible without their help. Well, not impossible, just disastrous. They stripped out redundancies, focused the story, and taught me many valuable lessons about writing.

Child of the Knight went to Mike as a 128,000 word, 45 chapter manuscript. It now weighs in at 119,000 words and 42 chapters. This is very close to Eternal Knight's 116,000 words.

What's left?

1) Format the manuscript and upload it to CreateSpace for binding and printing.
2) Order three proof copies and send them to my proofreaders.
3) Finish the back cover text while my proofreaders have my book. Send finished back cover material to my cover artist.
4) Make proofreading changes and formatting adjustments.
5) Add a dedication and acknowledgments.
6) Format the ebook.

When do I hit the publish button?

June 1st

Am I sure?

Sort of. If not June 1st, it will be very close to that date.