Friday, August 19, 2011

Eternal Knight Casting Call

"Who do you think should play Hadde in the movie?"

It is one of the most common questions I get. [We  are all positive thinkers here, right? A movie deal will happen.] Now, I have some ideas for some of the characters, but I will freely admit to being a little out of touch with what's hip in Hollywood. That's where you come in.

Who do you think should play the major characters? Just leave your choices in the comments, and in a few days I'll reveal my picks. Feel free to mention why you like that character and/or any roles they've been in. I'll post a couple of characters every few weeks until we get through all of the significant characters.

Hadde (Age 20) Petite but athletic. Black haired and considered exotic/different/barbarian by the Saladorans (think aristocratic northern Europeans). Hadde is brave and stubborn, sometimes to a fault. The actress needs to be able to handle a demanding athletic role.

Arno (Age 42) Hadde's father. A bear of a man. Sarcastic, funny, and tough. He is a village leader and is willing to make tough decisions when they need to be made.  Handsome in a mature, rugged way.

Waltas (Age 24) A powerful South Teren (Saladoran) Earl. Hawk-nosed and fierce looking. You need an actor who can play a Class I jerk. Elitist, racist, and sexist, he's a slimy schemer, but also a warrior to be feared.

Have fun! As an added bonus I'll give a free Smashwords ebook copy of Eternal Knight to anyone who participates. Just mention that you'd like a book in the comments.


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  2. Hadde - Thandie Newton
    She was in the movie "Mission Impossible 2" and she would be perfect for Hadde. Small and petite, yet strong and courageous.

    Arnos – Denzel Washington
    A manly man will be great for a leader like Arnos. But the sarcastic and heart will still be reflected by Denzel as shown in “Remember The Titans”.

    Waltas - Lee J. Cobb
    The other two just came to my head, but this one I had to do some browsing. Even though he is dead, his portrayal as a stubborn, crazy, and rough in the movie “12 Angry Men” would be ideal characteristics to play the wretched Waltas.

    Can't wait for the sequel! Good Luck!

  3. Hadde - Grace Park

    Arno - Ken Watanabe

    Waltas - Cillian Murphy

  4. Nice choices. As a Battlestar Galactica fan, I have to give thumbs up to the Grace Park pick.

    I'll post my personal selections in a later blog post.

  5. I only have an idea for Hadde. I think Hailee Steinfeld (from the new True Grit movie) would be awesome. Imagining that the movie is a few years off from now and Hailee is 20 and not 14/15, of course. If you have seen the movie, I think you would understand where I'm coming from. She has a nontraditional beauty even at such a young age and can certainly act.

  6. Hadde is a tough one to choose especially because of her age, but considering everyone in movies plays about ten years in either direction I still love the idea of Natalie Portman. She absolutely has the figure and caliber of acting ability necessary for any part, and even though she doesn't look particularly exotic it could work.
    For Waltas, I feel the actor has to look like he could play the part of a knight in a large royal army, which led me to someone like Chris Hemsworth (Thor), but at the same time I was torn because I would rather him play someone like the Prince or someone in a more positive light.
    I'm a huge fan of Anthony Hopkins for any role, especially where he needs to be wise and in charge, which would work for an Arno. But other options are certainly there. For instance, Brendan Gleeson and Brian Cox, both of whom were in Troy and stood as hulking figures, or possibly even John Rhys-Davies who was fantastic as Gimli in LOTR.
    Who knows, just a few ideas.

  7. I like Seanpsaunders' idea of Natalie Portman. I went with Grace Park because of the whole exotic angle. I chose Ken Watanabe as Arno since I had gone with Grace Park for Hadde, and he did such an incredible job in The Last Samurai.

    My first choice for Waltas would have been Alan Rickman, back during his Die Hard and Robin Hood days. But I think Cillian Murphy, from his role as the Scarecrow in Batman, can easily pull off the whole "Don't touch me peasant" attitude.

  8. Jennifer Lawerence is currently casted as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games (book turned movie) I think that Katniss and Hadde possess similar qualities (not limited to the use of a bow and arrow). If the rolls aren't too similar, I think she'd make a great Hadde. I like the idea of Natalie Portman too.
    More random brainstorms to come!