Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fourth Month (August) Numbers

My three month charity period ended last month, but I'll keep posting my sales numbers just for the heck of it.

August (July, June, May)
12 (38,60,125) Paperbacks sold in person. 

5 (12,6,28) Paperbacks sold on Amazon
8 (3,5,15) Kindle ebooks
0 (0,0,1) Smashwords ebooks
0 (0,0,4) Apple ebooks
0 (0,5,2) Nook ebooks

Total books sold in four months: 329

Paperbacks sold in person dropped off a lot because I didn't do any book signings in August. The numbers will go up in September because I am back in school and Eternal Knight will be on sale in our school library (with all profits going to charity).

I picked up several new reviews (both from readers and book bloggers). Eternal Knight is currently the 10th best reviewed epic fantasy (and 21st for all fantasy) on the Kindle Top Rated list.

I am expecting good things for September. I have a review from a book blogger with a very large following coming out later in the month. I also have an interview coming out on September 12th on Workaday Reads. Saving my favorite for last... I will be visiting a book club on September 21st. My first book club meeting was a blast and I can't wait to meet this group!

September is already off to a good start with nine Kindle sales in the first six days. 

And I'm sill having fun!


  1. Sounds like you're going to have a good ebook month. I need to get through my to be read pile, still looking forward to this one :)

    Best of luck with your sales Mr. Heppe.