Thursday, September 22, 2011

Book Club, Giveaway, and Great Review

Book Club

I went to my second book club meeting as a guest author last night. What a wonderful time! It reconfirmed that meeting with readers is the best part of being an author. We spent a good bit of time talking about how Eternal Knight was written and what it is like to go through the self-publishing process. It was also nice to spend some time talking about other authors and books (like The Hunger Games and Twilight) and our likes and dislikes.

One topic that came up was how The Hunger Games could affect Eternal Knight. Like The Hunger Games, Eternal Knight features a strong female protagonist who shoulders the burden of responsibility for the well being of her family. Katniss and Hadde are both strong-willed and both happen to be excellent archers. Could the huge success of The Hunger Games (both the novel and the forthcoming movie) have a halo effect on Eternal Knight? Will Katniss fans become Hadde fans? 

Many thanks to Ree McGinley for inviting me into her home and introducing me to her book club friends!


I’m giving away three free, signed copies of Eternal Knight on Goodreads. The contest is free and very easy to enter. Just click the button on the right of the screen. Go ahead and sign up!

I’m trying to make Goodreads a bigger part of my promotional efforts. The site is a haven for bibliophiles.

Great Review

Eternal Knight just received a terrific review from Sarah at Workaday Reads. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but despite the fact that Eternal Knight isn’t exactly raking in the dough, it gives me incredible satisfaction when I hear that somebody loves (or even just likes) my creation.

Still having fun. I could definitely do this for a living!

By the way, if you have a book club, or know of someone who has a book club, I'd be more than happy to meet them! I've had a blast doing them so far and will do everything I can to make it to a book club meeting. 

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  1. Workaday Reads--Wow. Now that's what I call a positive review. :)