Monday, December 19, 2011

EK: Workaday Reads' Best Self-Published Novel of the Year

WOW! I just found out that Sarah at Workaday Reads named Eternal Knight as best self-published novel of the year! I've said it before, but nothing beats hearing nice things said about something you created. I'd like to thank Sarah for the honor. Workaday Reads is a wonderful blog. Go take a look!

I know I've been a bad blogger lately. The real world, work, life, family, etc... I have plenty of excuses. I'll just let you know that things are going well and I'll try to be a better blogger in the new year. More importantly, I'll be a better writer in the new year.

I'm so psyched about Sarah's selection that I'm going to give away a free, signed copy of Eternal Knight. Due to postage costs, I'm only making it available to residents of the USA. However, if you are international, I'll give you an ebook copy if you would still like to enter.

All you have to do to enter is to make a comment on this blog post. I'll choose the winner on December 26th.

All my best,