Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Month Numbers

The Eternal Knight online book release party was one month ago today. How have things gone?

The numbers:
125 paperbacks (sold by me)
28 paperbacks (sold through Amazon and CreateSpace)
15 Kindle ebooks
2 Smashwords ebooks
1 Apple ebook
1 Nook ebook

60 Book bloggers contacted.
1 blog review from a book blogger.
10 bloggers have agreed to review the novel (stretching out for the next six months).

Reader reviews (some of which were cross posted)
10 Amazon reviews
1 B+N review
1 Smashwords review
2 Goodreads reviews

One newspaper article.
One newspaper press release.

$40 donated for charity by generous readers. 

Total raised for charity over the past month: $785.

How do I feel about all of the above? FANTASTIC!

It has been a really great experience so far. I am in the red (money wise), and will be for some time. But it is hard to express the value of holding your own novel in your hands, and the feeling you get when people give you positive feedback. Creating something that other people enjoy is a wonderful feeling.

Next up...

In two and a half hours my Kindle/Nook/Amazon Gift Card contest ends. It didn't draw as much attention as I had hoped it would, but c'est la vie. The readers who posted reviews were a huge help. Pretty soon, a lucky winner will get to pick their prize!

This Saturday is my real world book release party. I was out shopping for decorations and goodies today. I am really psyched about the event. John Conahan will open up with a half hour music set while we mingle and snack. I'll follow him with a half an hour of book talk and thank you's. We'll wrap things up with a book signing and chit-chat with the author. I hope you can make the event. It will be held at Wissahickon High School and will run from 2-4 PM. Bring a friend (or three).

On June 24th I'll hold a book signing event at the Doylestown Bookshop. It will run from 7-9 PM. I've dreamed of doing an in-store book signing for ages. It is just around the corner....

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