Friday, June 17, 2011

Book Two Timeline

Time to get cranking on book two. Here's the timeline:
5 day to complete outlining. The process is almost done.
100 days to write the novel. The pace? I have to average 1,000 words a day for those 100 days. I don't know if I can do this. I used to come home from work and write 1,500 words an evening. That was BC (before child). I could also pound out 5,000 words in a solid day of effort--again BC.
To some of you 100 days might seem very short. But you have to remember that this is a sequel. The world (and character) building is all done. I've also been thinking about (and outlining) this story for years.
As I finish each chapter I will send it to my critique partner, Mike Shultz. He'll see the novel in rough first draft form and help me beat it into shape. Mike is great for both story and writing advice.
10 days to clean up the first draft, turning it into the second draft.
30 days with my Beta Readers. Two definite Beta Readers will be Kemp Brinson and Ann Emery. Both were invaluable in the writing of Eternal Knight.
5 days to complete Beta Edits. A lot of these edits will have already been done as Ann and Kemp worked their way through the novel.
1 day for CreateSpace formatting and upload.
10 days for CreateSpace vetting and shipping of proof copies.
20 days with Proof Readers. Five trusted proof readers will go through the novel with a fine comb. Their job isn't to critique as much as it is to find mistakes. Although their suggestions are always appreciated.
1 day for final proof corrections.
1 day for CreateSpace, Smashwords and Kindle formatting and upload. Over the next few days the novel goes live.
A grand total of 183 days. Let's add around a 10% fluff factor and we get approximately 200 days. Mid to late December.
Wow. I'd better get it in gear.
Really get it in gear.

By the way... I had a short article appear in, the online edition of several Bucks County, PA newspapers. The main point of the article was to remind everyone about my book signing event at the Doylestown Bookshop on June 24th, starting at 7PM. I hope to see you there.


  1. Best of luck, Heppe! Just a bring a laptop wherever you go. I really enjoyed your first book and look forward to reading the sequels.

  2. Am taking your advice, Fran. I'm at the pool with my laptop while my daughter has swim practice.

  3. Eternal Knight 2! Yay! :D I love that you have goals so well defined. Even if every one isn't met 100% it's a sure fire way to stay on track. (can't wait to read it once it's out, btw) :D

    You're lucky to have great folks to help you out in so many ways. That's awesome. Good luck to you.

  4. I have a feeling it is going to be very hard to keep up with 1,000 words a day.

    An Eternal Knight movie deal would sure make things easier.