Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Five Star Review!

Eternal Knight just received a five star review from Good Book Alert! What a great way to send Eternal Knight into the world. It was also the first review I have ever received from someone I truly didn't know. Friends might tell you that they like something you've done, but it is so hard to truly accept what they are saying at face value. After all, they are your friends and they don't want to hurt you.

I'd like to thank everyone who stopped by for the virtual release party last night. I had a lot of fun. It felt good to officially release Eternal Knight.

We had four free book winners from last night:
Twitter: Susan Kaye Quinn
Facebook: Karen G
YouTube: Adam Heine
All commenters: Brennan W

I'll get your books out to you ASAP!

Dont' forget the Kindle/Nook/Amazon Gift Card Contest. It runs until June 1st.