Thursday, April 14, 2011

The "Final" Proof

 Just received the "final" proof copy of Eternal Knight in the mail today.

"Final" because I might find something wrong with it and have to resubmit it... ***argh***  My fingers are crossed that we don't find any flaws.

No problem. We still have time before the official launch. And I'd rather catch those last few mistakes  than rush in and print 250 flawed copies.

I'd show you a copy, but...

Helen took the only copy and won't give it back. Comet is happy. They won't move from that couch for hours.

I worked on the Kindle version today. A few kinks, but they'll be worked out. My friend, Mike Shultz, is a whiz when it comes to fixing technical glitches, so we'll figure it out soon. By the way, if you haven't read his writing advice, you need to get over to his site.

Still on target for a May 1st book launch. Seventeen days away!

It looks like we'll be holding a BOOK RELEASE PARTY in the Wissahickon High School Audion lobby on June 4th from 2-4 PM. John Conahan will be performing the entire play list from his awesome Better off by Myself album. This fact is reason enough to go to the party! Mark your calendar. Everyone is invited.

More soon!


  1. haha. I love that she took it and wont give it back. thats so rad!

  2. She eventually fell asleep and I got it back the following morning.