Thursday, April 7, 2011

Book Release in 23 Days!

Just a quick update on how things are going...

1) Finalize cover.
2) Write acknowledgments.
3) Write "about the author".
4) Get map back from artist. >I have my own map ready just in case.
5) Finish back cover text.
6) Get two blurbs from (kind-hearted) authors.
7) Set up social media.
8) Format text for Kindle, Apple, and Nook. >Did a test run. No problem.
9) Prepare for release party/event. >Will probably be held June 4th.
10) Contact local newspapers.
11) Learn more about marketing. >Working on it.
12) Upload final copy for printing. >Just days away. Finishing final proof read now.
13) Order books. How many? >Still don't know about this one.
14) Reveal secret big announcement.  All profits go to charity.

I am still on target for the May 1st release. Getting very psyched!

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