Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rainy Day

Yet another rainy Pennsylvania day. My daughter and I pulled out the paint and markers and got to work on some art projects.

I tried to get her to stick around for the photo, but she bailed on me. She painted a nice forest scene as well a the sun shining on some flowers. I decided to do some Eternal Knight images.

The top image is Helna's Orb. It appears in the novel as a pendant on a necklace worn by the protagonist, Hadde. Helna is the creator goddess in the mythology of the Eternal Knight world.

The lower image is the face of the shield, Forsvar. The shield differs from the other shields in the novel as it is a round shield--the others are heater shields (you'll see some below). Forsvar is 500 years old and there have been changes in arms and armor since its creation.

The crossed warhammers on a white field are the coat of arms of Earl Waltas. White is the color of the South Teren of Salador and is often worn by its nobles.

The yellow dragon on a blue field is the coat of arms of Maiden Maret's family. I'd have to look in the manuscript to be certain, but it might be a blue dragon on a yellow field. Blue is the color of the East Teren of Salador.

Red if the color of the Royal House of Salador. Unlike the individual coats of arms worn by nobles, all of the Knights of the House carry the same shield. The Knights of the House are the elite profession soldiers in direct service to King Boradin. I am unhappy with the piece of "art". The lightning image should look like the one on the shield Forsvar. Sir Nidon, the Champion of Salador, carries a plain red shield in order to distinguish him from all other knights.

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