Monday, June 15, 2009

Agent Dreams

Last night I dreamt I was in New York City looking for a hotel room. I came upon a row of townhouses and each home had a sign in front advertising itself as a bed and breakfast.

Every single sign had the name of an agent I've researched for future solicitation for representation. I remember wondering if staying at their bed and breakfast would help my chances at signing with them. I also remember comparing prices and peeking in the windows to see how clean and welcoming each B+B was.

It's so funny how the subconscious mind works. More than any time in the past I really think my novel will be published. With each passing day I grow more and more excited for the possibilities for my manuscript. With each passing day I also come closer to sending out that first batch of queries.

I also dreamt of receiving a stack of envelopes in the mail. I couldn't bear to open them. Phone calls are good. Emails can be good. SASE envelopes are not good. I've received some of those envelopes before. They are where the fleeting dream hits the hard wall of reality.

Getting published is a difficult road to travel. That's what will make success that much sweeter.

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