Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hey! I'm on TV

This year the Wissahickon High School TV Club started a new project. They created a book chat TV program. And I'm the host!

Each episode is half an hour long and consists of three segments. It shows on our local access cable channel on a rotating basis. So far we have filmed three episodes, and will probably do ten total for the year. Jessica Brasch, the TV Club sponsor has some contacts in the publishing world and is using them to bring in authors.

My job is the fun part. I get to interview the authors on camera. Let me make this perfectly clear to you, I am totally unqualified for the job. I have no on-camera experience at all. The interviewing part is no problem... it is the teleprompters and the switching back and forth from camera to camera to guest that is the tough part.

After three interviews I am getting more comfortable, but I am definitely still a rookie. I ended the second episode (ridiculously) abruptly. Ugh. I don't know what kind of editing magic will fix it.

Here is the first episode. I can't tell you if it is any good because I haven't watched it. If I watch it I will just beat myself up over ever mistake I made. And I'm sure there are many. In the fist episode Shelleah Jackson and I interview each other. Shelleah Jackson is a student-author in our school. Enjoy! (I hope)

WissLit Episode One

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