Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To Do List

Forty days until release day. What still needs to be done?

1) Finalize cover.
2) Write acknowledgments. Proof acknowledgments.
3) Write "about the author".
4) Get map back from artist.
5) Finish back cover text.
6) Get two blurbs from (kind-hearted) authors.
7) Set up social media.
8) Format text for Kindle, Apple, and Nook.
9) Prepare for release party/event.
10) Contact local newspapers.
11) Learn more about marketing.
12) Upload final copy for printing.
13) Order books. How many?
14) Reveal secret big announcement.

The cool thing is that I am looking forward to every one of the above steps.

Am I missing anything? I'm certain I am.


  1. 15. Autograph Kemp's copy and send it to him.
    16. Take family somewhere special for putting up with all this.

    Also, consider moving 11 up to number 1 because cover art, testimonials, social media, release party, press coverage, and the secret announcement need to be part of overall coordinated marketing strategy.

  2. You got it, you got it, and you know it.

    You da man, Kemp.