Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back Cover

Getting a lot done this weekend. Two of the easier tasks were knocking out the "acknowledgments" and "about the author" notes.

The back cover text was a little more difficult. Back cover text is much more visible and plays a role in attracting readers. Here is my effort so far:

Hadde of Landomere is a huntress who has sworn to protect and provide for her people. But when the Wasting brings famine and destruction upon the peaceful forest, she must leave Landomere to seek aid in the distant Kingdom of Salador. 

Hadde's mission is fraught with peril. Strange silver-eyed warriors dog her path, brigands wait in ambush, and even the Saladorans pose their own dangers.

An unlikely alliance with a Saladoran Prince and unexpected news of an ancient evil transform Hadde's mission from one to save her village to one to save the world.

So, what do you think? Enticing? Lame? Riddled with errors? I'm not crazy about the prince and ancient evil sentence. All thoughts appreciated...


  1. It makes me want to check the book out.

    Like you said about the prince, I feel like it gives a part of the book away that maybe should be a surprise to the reader? Just a thought.

    I want to hear more about this Evil, it makes it more fantasy, and thats what people want to know about.

  2. That's the tough part about blurbs. How do you entice people without giving away important information you want the reader to discover?