Monday, October 5, 2015

Getting Close

Hi Folks!

Making great progress lately. I just delivered Shadow of the Knight to my second round editors and can't wait to hear back from them. Part of the process involved me reading through the novel in one sweep. It was a great feeling to read it as one unified work instead of bits and pieces.

Here's a little treat for you... I went out and found an artist to do new covers for all three novels: Eternal Knight, Child of the Knight, and Shadow of the Knight. 

The new Eternal Knight cover....

The artist, Dallas Williams, did a wonderful job. He was great to work with and I love his work. As you might have recognized, this cover is the opening scene of Eternal Knight. Hadde is about to go into battle against the raiding varcolac as they head for Long Meadow.

I'll share the other covers with you as we get closer to publication. Barring any delays, I'm looking at a holiday release.

Really getting psyched. Getting close now!



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