Friday, February 6, 2015

Rolling in the Memories

I don't make much money as an author. Who knows... maybe someday I will. However, there are a lot of other perks to being an author than making money.

Every time a good review shows up, it feels like a small victory. Someone liked my book! And then there are book club meetings. I've gone to four of them. What a thrill- sitting with a group of serious readers who want to talk about your book!

There are also events like last night. I was invited to Garnet Valley School District to participate in Literacy Night. I had the chance to speak with three different groups of students and parents. I loved sharing my experiences with them and having the chance to answer their questions. Each time a new group came in I saw more people holding copies of my book. Seeing people walk around with copies of my book in their hands... I couldn't stop grinning. "That's me! That's my book!"

Me (on left) with Anthony Gabriele, GVSD Director of Curriculum

At the end of the evening a very earnest young woman came up to me and asked me for some writing advice. I did my best. Seriously, who am I to give advice? I still feel like a noob. And then she asked for an autograph. Not a signed book. She wanted me to sign her autograph book. I signed it, but I felt like such a fraud. "Look, kiddo," I was thinking, "I'm nobody. I'm not worthy of an autograph book."

I don't feel worthy of it, but I sure won't forget it. Francisco Lee has the fist copy of a book I've ever signed. Emily from Garnet Valley has the first autograph I've ever signed. The Doylestown Bookshop is the first book store to ever sell a copy of my book. Cheryl Anne Ham was the first stranger to give my book a five star review. Robin Tarzia hosted the first book club I ever attended. No, I'm not rolling in the dough, but I am rolling in the memories.

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