Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Author Review - Quinn, Puttre, Howey

Every once in a while I review good books I've read. I thought I'd change the pace and review a few authors.

As an indie author I make an effort to read and support other indie authors. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be a daunting task. Anyone can publish a book these days. Sometimes the books are still in need of a little work before they are ready for prime time.

But things seem to be changing. Lately I've had a much easier time finding really good indie novels. Today I want to share a couple of these excellent authors with you.

Susan Kaye Quinn writes, well... I can't put her into a genre box. I think I first heard of her when I saw a link to her blog on the website of another blogger I follow. The first Quinn novel I read was Open Minds, a young adult sci-fi novel. I enjoyed the novel very much even though I wasn't in her target audience. I next read Delirium, an adult sci-fi novella that I thought was terrific. I have the rest of the series on my to-read list. Her latest book, Third Daughter, is a young adult steampunk novel set in an India-like setting. I haven't read much steampunk and really enjoyed it. I would highly recommend Open Minds and Third Daughter to fans of young adult novels. Delirium is definitely for the grown-ups.

Michael Puttre's novel Outre Mer is an excellent adult sci-fi (space opera). I learned of Puttre when he was recommended by my favorite traditionally published author, Christian Cameron. Outre Mer is an excellent combination of international diplomacy, intrigue, and war. The characters are deep and the world building (universe building) is top-notch. I am looking forward to the sequel.

Hugh Howey is akin to a prophet to the indie publishing community. His international best-seller, WOOL, was an absolutely engrossing dystopian sci-fi novel. If you haven't read WOOL yet, go out and get it. And if you are an indie author, his website is a must read.

Which reminds me... I also read Susan Kaye Quinn's Indie Author's Survival Guide. Another must read if you are interested in publishing your work.

Enjoy! You can't miss with any of them.