Thursday, December 19, 2013

FINISHED! (Revisions)

Just finished my revisions on Child of the Knight tonight. Wow, it feels good to write that.

What's next?

I send it off to my three critique partners to be put through the meat grinder. It is their job to make it into a better book by telling me everything I have done wrong. Time to put on my armor as getting a thorough critiquing can be a brutal process!

How long will it take? They have as much time as they want.

After that I re-write as necessary and send it off to the next round of readers. This is stage one editing where I don't ask for story advice, but I am looking for writing advice. This is where serious polishing goes on.

Another round of fixes and I send it off to some trusted proofreaders. Time to find mistake that have made it through the process.

And then to my copy editor for one last look before publication.

We are still two months (at least) from publication, but tonight was a big step on the path.


  1. Well done Matt, I look forward to the day it is finally released.

  2. I can't wait to read it Mr. Heppe. #EternalKnight #Hadde

  3. Making good progress now. Talked with the cover artist today and like the way it is looking.