Sunday, November 4, 2012

No, she's not Katniss...

Apparently any girl with a bow is now Katniss. That's what you call success!

But this isn't Katniss... it's Hadde.

Here she is in action.

But that wasn't her costume this year. I just wanted a fun Hadde photo. Here was Amelia's costume this year:

She saw the helmet in the costume store and just had to be a viking. The helmet was a souvenir from Epcot (I was so proud that our daughter's only Disney World memento was a viking shield). The sword was from an old pirate costume of mine.

Speaking of Halloween archers, here's a "Fire Bow" I made for my nephew.

Here are the flames:

It draws 25 pounds at 25 inches. I'll post a few pics of the archer himself as soon as I get them.

I've gotten back to writing. I'll post a progress report soon!

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