Monday, September 3, 2012

Bow Number Two

Thought I'd show you my second bow. It is another American longbow/flatbow. Overall length is 6' and the draw weight is 45 pounds at 28 inches.

Once again, I "backed" the bow with brown craft paper soaked with wood glue. I painted the paper black and did another swirling design on it. (I need to work on some new designs.)

Here's the bow at full draw. I enjoy shooting it more than my first bow, although I am far from a good shot. At this point I am willing to admit that I am definitely addicted to making bows (number three is well along).

Now that the school year has started it is time to focus on my real job. And now that I will have a normal (non-summer) schedule there will be more writing going on. I suppose bow making and archery will have to move a couple of steps down the ladder.


  1. I have aspirations to make additional limbs for a take-down recurve someday. Arrow making is also a ton of fun, do you have a range close to you or use the yard?

    1. I have both. I can shoot about 30 yards in my yard with no problem. (I could shoot up to 50, but the neighbors might get worried.) Not far away is Wapiti Archery (Fort Washington). Wapiti has a 50 yard range in an old quarry as well as two 3d walking courses.

      I have to say, the traditional archery community is a great group of people. Lots of positive support from the community.

  2. that's a good looking bow. Remind me to hang close to you in the zombie apocalypse.


    1. Hi Donna,

      It might look good, but that's no guarantee that I'll actually hit the zombie! I'm practicing though.

      Longbows do make a good anti-zombie weapon. I'm actually teaching an elective class entitled "Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse" this semester. I'll definitely do a blog post on it.