Sunday, March 25, 2012

Put Up or Shut Up

Bah, I've been fibbing lately.

When people ask me how book two is coming along I've been telling them that I'm hard at work on it.

Not exactly true.

More like I've been hard at thinking about it. Thinking about it while playing computer games. Thinking about it while reading other books. Not actually writing. Eternally optimistic, I've been hoping for Eternal Knight to have a big breakthough. Something that would fire me up to work on book two.

But the big breakthrough hasn't occurred (yet). Good reviews, good feedback, 500+ sales, but not the BIG EVENT. Got bounced from the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. Bah. I would have won if only blah, blah, blah....

I need to make my own breakthrough.

So time to stop fibbing. I'm either writing, or I'm not.

Here's the deal:

500 words per day, five days per week (Mon-Fri). If I miss a day I have to make it up on Saturday.

If I hit my daily goal I get to read for pleasure or play a computer game.

If I fall off the wagon I stop telling people that I'm writing. I tell them the truth.

What would that truth be?

I'm taking a break.

How long?

I don't know.

I'm not a writer if I'm not writing.


  1. I have to set up goals like this all the time. I always use personal incentive programs. Lately, it's actually been working. Good luck man, get that shit done.

  2. Wrote 1200 words out of my 500 word goal tonight. Off to a good start. Let's keep this rolling and get this novel done!